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“ The best defence against rising energy prices is the efficient use of energy”

There is very little Business, individually or collectively, can do about the price of energy – it is determined in a massive global market. And the global price of energy is forecast to rise and keep on rising.

There is, however, a lot Business can do about their cost of energy – by becoming more energy efficient and thus reducing your total spend on energy and by generating your own electricity and reducing the amount you have to buy.

Businesses that embrace energy efficiency and self-generation will improve their bottom line and help secure their long term prosperity. Those that don’t will see rapidly rising energy costs erode their competitiveness and ultimately fail. The choice is that simple.

“A reduction in Total Energy Spend of 50%+ is quite achievable. Often with a payback period of less than 3 years”

There is no single measure by which you can achieve energy efficiency – no ‘silver bullet’ solution – but rather a suite of measures, each of which helps increase energy efficiency and  reduce energy costs, and which, when tailored to your particular business, collectively constitute your Energy Cost Minimization Strategy.

This website gives you further information on those areas where the greatest energy cost savings are typically achieved. Some are site specific but most have universal application and will apply to your business.

There is no substitute for a Professional Energy Assessment of your business or premises. Some energy efficiency measures, for example, are site specific, others are interdependent and must be undertaken in a sequenced manner. Our aim is to achieve the maximum energy cost savings for the minimum capital outlay. Remember, ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’.

Accept our challenge! If we can’t show you how to reduce your energy costs by 50% or more, we’ll prepare your Energy Cost Minimization Strategy free of charge.